The Disability Dilemma: A Skeptical Bench & Bar

  • Wendy F. Hensel


The legal profession is no stranger to the bias and prejudice present in American society. Members of the bar have been shown to engage in both conscious and subconscious sexism and racism, posing challenges to the profession as the profile of those practicing law has changed over the last several decades to admit increasing numbers of women and minorities.1 Nevertheless, it is notable that few, if any, members of the bar today would question openly whether women or people of color have the ability to be successful, productive members of the profession. Instead, the conventional wisdom is that the greatest obstacles to their success will come in the form of external barriers and institutional policies based on preconceived norms that do not acknowledge the divergent challenges faced by these group members.
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Hensel, Wendy F. 2008. “The Disability Dilemma: A Skeptical Bench &Amp; Bar”. University of Pittsburgh Law Review 69 (3).